BikeMaine Blog – Day 2 (Dover-Foxcroft to Belfast)

photo-11There are beautiful routes, and then there are beautiful routes.  Although punctuated with some large (and long) hills, today’s route proved to be a crowd-pleaser.

We started our morning with a delicious breakfast provided by the PR YMCA (also our hosts for the BikeMaine Village).  Peach pancakes, sausage, bagels and more filled up riders as they headed out on their second day of riding.  The route was a more or less straight shot heading south from Maine’s inland pines to the rocky coast, the first site of the ocean for BikeMaine riders.

On their way to Belfast, riders enjoyed seasonable weather, an amazing lunch stop featuring hot turkey sandwiches on homemade bread and some spectacular views . Riding into town, it was soon clear that photo-3the site location of the BikeMaine Village was a popular choice.  Nestled along side the Penobscot Bay, tents were set up in the town park.  Riders enjoyed an amazing feast of barbecued chicken (Belfast was once known as the Boiler Capital of the World and had a thriving poultry industry).  Belfast’s poet laureate delivered a rousing homage to Belfast and the ride (text hopefully coming soon…) and folks started hitting up the beer tent at 3Tides  brewery.
As riders drifted to sleep to the sound of the waves lapping against the shore, their thoughts had already shifted to the ride to Castine…



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