BikeMaine Blog – Arrival Day (Orono)

IMG_8495Riders started their BikeMaine journey traveling to Orono on Saturday, September 7th.  Arriving from 37 states and provinces, these cyclists quickly registered, picked up their goodie bag and set up camp for the first time before they ventured out to the town’s Festival Day.  Festival day included war canoes, tricycle races and a host of other activities for riders, students and community members alike.  We also met our friends, Tim and Kirk, from WCSH6 / WLBZ2 who will be joining us for the ride, capturing all of its glory to share on the morning and evening news.

As the afternoon wore on and the sun started going down, everyone started making their way to the IMG_8553dinner and the first round of BikeMaine daily announcements.  The Maine State Police were on hand to share the rules of the road with our everyone.  After dinner, the crowd headed over to the beer garden sponsored by The Family Dog and featured locally brewed BikeMaine Brew from Black Bear Brewery. Musical entertainment was provided by local bands and featured “the” BikeMaine band, The Gawler Family. Some light rain didn’t keep everyone from dancing the night away!
Rest assured, by dancing the night away, we mean everything was dark and quiet by about 9:30 as riders were preparing for the first day.

BTmyregIAAA_Njb.jpg-largeThe residents of Orono made it clear that they were very excited to host both the first and last day of the Inaugural BikeMaine Ride.  Their hospitality, good cooking and support made for a great start to the ride.  We extend them a huge thank you!

Tomorrow we get on the road…








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